Amy & Pat - Family Session - Petrie Island

I am so in love with my job. I have photographed both these girls newborn sessions and have met up with this amazing family every year ever since. Their dogs, Charlie and Lily, who are 8 and 13 (!!) joined us on our adventure this year, and I know it can be a handful to bring your dogs on your sessions but seriously you will NEVER regret it!

Aleta & Kerry- Family Session - Pinhey Trail

In LOVE with this session. Three little girls under the age of 8 creates some incredible energy during a family session. So much going on, so much opportunity for me to get in there and capture all that crazy, arms are full goodness.

Maggie & Chris - Family Session - Just Food Farm

So... I gotta be honest when I say I've been wanting to photograph this family for years😂 And finally my wish came true when Maggie reached out to book a session a couple of months ago! Annndddd I was not disappointed. The boys were so fun, we played and explored and got some incredibly awesome shots of this incredibly awesome family!💥💥

Jess & Jeff - Family Session - Greely, Ontario

I photographed Jess & Jeff’s wedding 2 years ago, and now have the honour to capture their love for their daughter, Andrea, who has just turned 1 year old a few days after her parent’s wedding anniversary. Happy birthday Andrea and happy 2nd wedding anniversary to mommy and daddy.

Katrina & Alistair - Family Session - Fletcher Wildlife Gardens

Wonderful session with this incredible family. I've been photographing them for many years and its an absolute gift watching these boys grow. I remember our first session they were practically toddlers. They brought their toys cars and they were racing them in the dirt, now they are these tall young boys who feel it’s a tad uncool to pose for a solo portrait for me. Please slow down.

Jessica & Alan - 1 Year Wedding Anniversary - Orleans, Ontario

1st Wedding anniversary for Jessica and Alan! One year ago I documented their incredible wedding the day tornadoes hit down in the Ottawa area. Ridiculous winds, torrential rain and a power outage! It was an unforgettable day and one year later I photograph them again the day after their one year anniversary. Who says you only wear your wedding dress and tux once?! Seriously, such a fun session climbing waterfalls and running through the water watching the sunset. Check out their sneak peeks!
Happy anniversary Jess and Alan! I wish you a life time of love and happiness

Jessica & Jorge - Engagement Session - Kingston

I drove to Kingston to meet this incredible couple, Jess & Jorge. I’ll be documenting their wedding in October. They took me to this incredible hidden gem by the shores, that made me feel I was somewhere tropical. The weather gave us overcast, sunshine, a rainbow, wind and rain all in the span of 2 hours which made for so much variety I was in absolutely heaven, plus these two are the perfect match which made photographing them so incredibly easy. Here are their sneak peeks with so so much more that I haven't even looked through yet!

Sophie & Phil - Family Session - Chesterville

Sneak peeks of this gorgeous family’ session from September.
I’ve been coming to their beautiful home to take photos on their property every year for the past 4 years. I love these boys and I absolutely love this family and I am so excited to meet baby number 4!

Brienne & Adam - Burleigh Falls Wedding

This wedding from this past Saturday was perfection. Brienne and Adam got married in this cute little church called St Peters on the Rock which is on an Island on Stony Lake! Guests arrived on pontoons! For real, my photographer heart explodes from happiness every time I think about it. After the ceremony while guests headed to the reception at Burleigh Falls Inn, Brienne, Adam and I got in a boat and headed to Adam’s family cottage on another private island 10 minutes away. We took portraits and explored the 3 acres of property where Adam and his siblings played and made incredible memories since their were small children.
And then back on the boat, we headed to the Inn where Craig Cardiff performed through out dinner and for their first dance.
Amazing couple, outstanding surroundings and incredible friends and family made for THE perfect day!
Here are their sneak peeks!!

Allison & Mike - Wedding - Ottawa Rowing Club

Allison & Mike got married August 19 and it was so ridiculously incredible. It was an outdoor ceremony at the Ottawa Rowing Club, it rained and it didn't even matter because they had clear umbrellas hanging off the backs of each guest chair(💥💥👏). The whole day was a photographers' dream, ending with fireworks over the Ottawa River.

Christina and Mike - Engagement Session - Ottawa Airport

These two beauties love to travel so much that they met me at the Ottawa airport for their e-session and booooyyyyy am I ever so excited to document their wedding day!

Not only to do I feel their love for eachother, I also see their friendship. They are absolutely perfect for each other.

The McMahons - Family Lifestyle Session - Ottawa Family Photographer

I'm taking it back to sunny, warm days. Back to ice cream dripping down your cone, playing in the warm water and watching sunsets. Back to this an amazing family session I had the honour of photographing in August of last year with the McMahons.

Valerie and Grace - Family Mini Session - Ottawa Lifestyle Photographer

Valerie was the winning bidder of a mini session I donated to the annual Ottawa Fur Kids Online Auction last year. When she reached out to book a session, I was about to give birth to Ruby. So she kindly waited and we finally captured some amazing memories with her daughter, Grace, a few weeks ago. We had an absolute blast! 

Ottawa Fur Kids Online Auction is run every year in February. I will gladly donate another session next year so keep an eye out for it!

Jessica and Alan - Engagement Session - Ottawa Wedding Photographer

Joined Jessica, Alan and their pup Hurley at a park close to their home earlier this month for their engagement session. Jess and Alan rocked it despite the fact that Hurley discovered a rabbit's nest 2 seconds in and found herself incredibly distracted (no doubt!). 

We then made our way to Andrew Haydon park just the 3 of us and Jess knew of some hidden gems on the grounds that I never even knew existed (props to Jess!!!).

Seriously these two were on fire, every single shot was a keeper. Ennnjoyyyyyyy!

Look out for them again on my feed come September!

The Thomas' - Family Lifestyle Session - Ottawa Based Photographer

Wonderful at home session with these five last month. It was my second time making my way to Chesterville to document this ever growing family, with little George as the new addition.

With the combination of three boys, acres of property, their own pond, apple trees and chickens, there was never a dull moment and had me smiling from ear to ear the entire session. Hope this set brings a smile to your face too.

The Meikles' - Family Mini - Ottawa Based Photographer

Super fun family mini session with the Meikles' last month! I hadn't seen them for a couple of years ( besides running into them several times at Costco! :D ) and it's just so wonderful to reconnect with past clients and see how crazy fast the kids grow!

The Bourques' - Family/Newborn Lifestyle Session - Ottawa Based Photographer

Victoria and Denis are neighbours of mine, and we run into each other at the park from time to time but we never discussed what we do for a living. They had a newborn photographer lined but to photograph their family but unfortunately (fortunately for me), their photographer had an emergency and had to cancel day of, and wouldn't be available to capture all the newness that was tiny little William in time. Victoria told me she happen to randomly see my business pop up on Google maps while searching for something, looked me up and sent me a message.

And here we are...

I am just so in love with their set, and so happy things lined up the way they did. Crazy, beautifully naturally lit home, and extremely wonderful, kind, laid back family. Pardon, this crazy large set, I had a hard time breaking it down;)

Lucas' 1st Birthday - Family Lifestyle Session - Ottawa Based Photographer

I was so thrilled that our schedules aligned and we were able to capture some special moments on the day of Lucas' 1st Birthday. 

A little bath after dinner. A play session with mom and dad and then a leisurely stroll on the grounds of the experimental farm.

During my communication with Elizabeth before our session, she told me that I had a lot of work ahead of me as she felt her and her husband, Mark, were quite unphotogenic... I chuckled as I finished up their set and looked through their photos one last time before sending them off. My camera absolutely LOVED them.... but don't let me try to convince you, I'll let you be the judge.

Maria and Stephen - Wedding - Ottawa Based Photographer

Maria and Stephen.

They are high school sweethearts and the love they share between eachother just shines through.

I recently delivered their whole wedding set to them and now I am excited to share just a glimpse into their amazing day!

It was seriously perfect; weather wise, location wise, and by far the people I spent my day with were incredible. 

Maria and Stephen, I wish these two a life time of love and happiness.