Jess and Alan - Strathmere Wedding - Ottawa Wedding Photographer

Jess and Alan were married on September 21, 2018 which was the same day a tornado hit down in the Ottawa area. There were talks of moving the ceremony indoors but Jess wouldn’t have it and because of this I was able to capture the epic wind that day. Power was lost later in the evening, generators kicked in and the celebration continued.

The McMahons - Family Lifestyle Session - Ottawa Family Photographer

I'm taking it back to sunny, warm days. Back to ice cream dripping down your cone, playing in the warm water and watching sunsets. Back to this an amazing family session I had the honour of photographing in August of last year with the McMahons.

Valerie and Grace - Family Mini Session - Ottawa Lifestyle Photographer

Valerie was the winning bidder of a mini session I donated to the annual Ottawa Fur Kids Online Auction last year. When she reached out to book a session, I was about to give birth to Ruby. So she kindly waited and we finally captured some amazing memories with her daughter, Grace, a few weeks ago. We had an absolute blast! 

Ottawa Fur Kids Online Auction is run every year in February. I will gladly donate another session next year so keep an eye out for it!

Jude's First Birthday Party - Ottawa Family Lifestyle Photographer

I had an absolutely blast with this beautiful family of 3 boys last month! It was Jude's first birthday and I hadn't seen them since his newborn session last year, how I've missed them! 

I arrived, Jude filled up his little belly and then we quickly headed out for some family portraits before the guests arrived. I stayed for a good part of the party and documented all the crazy goodness that comes with a first birthday party! Loved every minute of it! Please enjoy the fun!

Everett - One Year - Family Mini - Ottawa Family Lifestyle Photographer

I met Everett a year ago. I photographed him when he was only a few weeks old and so itty bitty. I loved meeting him all over again, I feel so lucky I get to watch this little human grow.

I feel so honoured that my clients continue to come back and ask me to capture all these precious, fleeting moments for their families. Our babes grow so friggin' fast and I feel it is so important to document all the things so we can remember forever how it was and who they were.

Logan turns 2 - Extended Family Lifestyle Session - Ottawa Based Photographer

We definitely all got our workout in chasing sweet sweet Logan around the park back in May.

Logan's mom, Hailey, gifted this session to both of Logan's  two sets of grandparents but also GREAT grandparents. Seriously, an incredible gift. Irreplaceable moments now frozen in time for Logan to look back on and know just how much he is loved.

Wildroots Nature and Forest School

Last week I was so incredibly fortunate to be a "fly in the forest" during one of my daughter's Forest school sessions at Wildroots Nature and Forest School.

She has been attending since last summer at just 2 1/2. I would pick her up and ask her how her morning was and what she did but she could never fully explain to me. Still at almost 3 1/2, she tells me "she doesn't have the words" to express what they did.

I finally had the privilege to watch and document one of their magical mornings in the Forest. I wanted to get it all. The curiosity, the wonderment, the excitement... all of the feelings. So that when the parents of these amazing children and all of you looked through these images, you would get a glimpse of what they do and what they see each morning.

It's incredibly amazing, this opportunity that these children have. Learning from great educators about the forest and the life it contains. They are developing a deep respect for nature and at the same time gaining confident, grit and making great friends in the process.

Jamie & Ricky - Strathmere Wedding - Ottawa Based Photographer

Super fun filled day with Jamie and Ricky and their close friends and family.

It was definitely a scorcher the day of their mid August wedding but I bet you can't even tell in the photos! Everyone stayed positive and stayed cool with fans and beverages;)

Such a wonderful group of people to spend the day with!

Jamie and Ricky, I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.

The Meikles' - Family Mini - Ottawa Based Photographer

Super fun family mini session with the Meikles' last month! I hadn't seen them for a couple of years ( besides running into them several times at Costco! :D ) and it's just so wonderful to reconnect with past clients and see how crazy fast the kids grow!

Lucas' 1st Birthday - Family Lifestyle Session - Ottawa Based Photographer

I was so thrilled that our schedules aligned and we were able to capture some special moments on the day of Lucas' 1st Birthday. 

A little bath after dinner. A play session with mom and dad and then a leisurely stroll on the grounds of the experimental farm.

During my communication with Elizabeth before our session, she told me that I had a lot of work ahead of me as she felt her and her husband, Mark, were quite unphotogenic... I chuckled as I finished up their set and looked through their photos one last time before sending them off. My camera absolutely LOVED them.... but don't let me try to convince you, I'll let you be the judge.

The Sarault's - Family Mini Session - Ottawa Based Photographer

Had an amazing mini session with Melissa, Roch and their kiddos last month. I headed out to my home town of Russell and we strolled and explored one of the two conservation trails they have out there. Caught some tiny minnow, picked some flowers, jumped off some big rocks. I'd say it was a very fun and eventful session in the short time we spent together. Bravo Saraults! You rocked this session!

The Herrington's - Family/Maternity Lifestyle Session - Ottawa Based Photographer

This Family.

I just can't get enough. 

Hazel and Matt wanted to capture their last moments as a family of four. We played at home, cuddled a bit, visited the park, climbed some trees, ran through the grass and watched the sun set. We finished the session off with a very well deserved ice-cream treat.

They decided to leave the gender of their third babe a surprise till birth, and I have since met their fifth addition, so I will continue to leave you in suspense until I post their Newborn session;)


The Picknell's - Family Mini - Ottawa Based Photographer

Back in February I posted a contest on my Facebook page. I asked my followers to nominate someone they thought deserved a session. I received so many nominations that it was overwhelming for me to choose just one. So, I decided to give away a Mini Session along with a Full Lifestyle Session. Adele and her family were the winners for the Mini!

They were an absolute delight. Their girls, Chloe and Catherine, needed no warm and were positively, full of energy ready to go, which is always a plus when you only have a short time together. Prepare yourselves, I dare you not to smile...

Sarah and Amanbir - Lifestyle Session - Ottawa Area Photographer

Sarah and Amanbir were the winners of my Facebook contest I had back in February.

Sarah asked if we could shoot their session at her parents' equine boarding facility, Heather Haven Farm. I absolutely love horses, like LOVE 'em, so obviously I was positively delighted with the idea.

Started the session getting to know Sarah and Amanbir, while her mom and some friends prepped two of the horses for Sarah and Amanbir to ride. Both a little uneasy with the thought of riding a horse, but they did amazing and I need to give special props to Amanbir who has never ridden a horse before in his life and is a tad uncomfortable with the large beauties and prefers to admire them from afar.

We finished the session with some barn chores and then snapped a few more of the beautiful couple as the sun set.

It just so happened that Sarah and Amanbir were engaged without a wedding photographer at the time of winning their session. Lucky me, I actually photographed their wedding this past weekend out in Toronto! Keep an eye out in the next few months for their amazing Sikh wedding that took place this past Saturday!


Ziya - Newborn In Home Session - Ottawa Lifestyle Photographer

You probably recognize Leily and Chris from an in home maternity session I had only a month or so ago. I had the pleasure of meeting their beautiful Ziya, who was eight days new. He was seriously perfect and he practically slept the entire session as happy as can be, all snug in his mom and dad's arms. Please enjoy all the fresh cuteness.


The Buwalda's - Family Session - Ottawa Based Photographer

Shabana is a wonderful friend and amazing photographer. We did a little tradesies this past fall where I shot her beautiful family in exchange for her to photograph mine. We both confessed we were nervous but in the end we both did a phenomenal job! This family is a ray of sunshine after a cloudy day, the love is just shining as bright as can be.