Jane & Ben - Strathmere Wedding - Ottawa Wedding Photographer

A beautiful November wedding surrounded by an incredibly loving family. The speeches got me bad at this one, I laughed, I cried and felt all the love. It’s strange when I really start to think about what I do, spending an entire day documenting all the special moments of such an incredibly special day and how connected I feel with all the people I spent that day with by the end of the night. I wish Jane and Ben all the love and I’m excited to spend another beautiful day with this family in August of this year when Jane’s brother gets married.

Jess and Alan - Strathmere Wedding - Ottawa Wedding Photographer

Jess and Alan were married on September 21, 2018 which was the same day a tornado hit down in the Ottawa area. There were talks of moving the ceremony indoors but Jess wouldn’t have it and because of this I was able to capture the epic wind that day. Power was lost later in the evening, generators kicked in and the celebration continued.

Eric & Bailey - Wedding - Mill St. Brew Pub - Ottawa Wedding Photographer

It's always so hard for me to choose which images to share from the weddings I capture. I photograph the day to tell a story and to feel all the emotions. I want my clients and their friends and family to feel this day in their hearts no matter how many years have past when looking through their images. When I share them for you all to see, I want you to know their story too, and the ultimate goal is for you to feel like you were there too.

Eric and Bailey - Engagement Session - Ottawa Wedding Photographer

I needed no prompts for these two. They made each other laugh and giggle the whole session long.

Started at a pub for a round of drinks (which was on the house! yay!) and then headed out to a park close by.

Note to anyone thinking of having a round of drinks at the beginning of your session ( which I highly recommend!), hit the bathroom before you leave the bar or you may end up like Eric and Bailey squatting behind dumpsters at the end of your session bahah amazing!.

Seriously, these two are so in love and it just beams right out of them. I can not wait to capture their wedding day in September. 

Jessica and Alan - Engagement Session - Ottawa Wedding Photographer

Joined Jessica, Alan and their pup Hurley at a park close to their home earlier this month for their engagement session. Jess and Alan rocked it despite the fact that Hurley discovered a rabbit's nest 2 seconds in and found herself incredibly distracted (no doubt!). 

We then made our way to Andrew Haydon park just the 3 of us and Jess knew of some hidden gems on the grounds that I never even knew existed (props to Jess!!!).

Seriously these two were on fire, every single shot was a keeper. Ennnjoyyyyyyy!

Look out for them again on my feed come September!

Jess and Jeff - Wedding - Metcalfe, ON - Ottawa Photographer

Jess and Jeff were married on September 16, 2017 and I was able to deliver their full set just before my daughter, Ruby, was born. Blogging my favs got forgotten, until now!

I definitely need to share this wedding because despite the crazy heat that day, it was amazing! I had an absolutely fantastic time with this wonderful group of people. Everyone was crazy welcoming and friendly and so laid back. Jess and Jeff wanted to get to the celebration part as fast as possible, and had the shortest ceremony I have ever witness on the Metcalfe Fair grounds (right across the street from my old high school!), followed by an awesome party with all their family and friends. Ridiculous good time had by all! Check it out!

Jamie & Ricky - Strathmere Wedding - Ottawa Based Photographer

Super fun filled day with Jamie and Ricky and their close friends and family.

It was definitely a scorcher the day of their mid August wedding but I bet you can't even tell in the photos! Everyone stayed positive and stayed cool with fans and beverages;)

Such a wonderful group of people to spend the day with!

Jamie and Ricky, I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.

The Bourques' - Family/Newborn Lifestyle Session - Ottawa Based Photographer

Victoria and Denis are neighbours of mine, and we run into each other at the park from time to time but we never discussed what we do for a living. They had a newborn photographer lined but to photograph their family but unfortunately (fortunately for me), their photographer had an emergency and had to cancel day of, and wouldn't be available to capture all the newness that was tiny little William in time. Victoria told me she happen to randomly see my business pop up on Google maps while searching for something, looked me up and sent me a message.

And here we are...

I am just so in love with their set, and so happy things lined up the way they did. Crazy, beautifully naturally lit home, and extremely wonderful, kind, laid back family. Pardon, this crazy large set, I had a hard time breaking it down;)

Maria and Stephen - Wedding - Ottawa Based Photographer

Maria and Stephen.

They are high school sweethearts and the love they share between eachother just shines through.

I recently delivered their whole wedding set to them and now I am excited to share just a glimpse into their amazing day!

It was seriously perfect; weather wise, location wise, and by far the people I spent my day with were incredible. 

Maria and Stephen, I wish these two a life time of love and happiness.

Ricki and Jamie - Engagement Session - Ottawa Based Photographer

I just sent the full set of these two lovelies yesterday, JUST in the knick of time!

They are getting married tomorrow!!

Jamie and Ricki adore their pup so we started the session off at the trail they frequent with their dog, but also on the bridge Ricki proposed *swoon*.

Then we ventured off to the downtown core, where they first met... infront of the beavertail stand (drool), and then a quick celebratory shot at the restaurant they first ate at. These two are just so friggin' cute!

After that we just wandered downtown chasing the sunset. Wonderful time with this chill, layed back couple.

I am beyond excited to capture their day tomorrow!!

Maria and Stephen - Chateau Montebello - Engagement Session - Ottawa Based Photographer

Maria and Steve, High school sweethearts. 

Wedding day... tomorrow! Managed to finished their engagement session before their wedding day and thought it appreciate to post the day before.

We took a drive to Chateau Montebello last month as Steve asked Maria to be his wife two years ago at this very spot. And now in less than 24 hours they will be husband and wife.

These two are seriously adorable.


Mariana and Andre - Visiting from Brazil - Engagement Session - Ottawa Based Photographer

Mariana used to live here in Ottawa, but about 5 years ago she decided to pack up and move to Brazil. There she met the love of her life and now husband, Andre.

Last month, Mariana came to Ottawa, with her new husband, to visit with her family and asked me if I could not only photographer her and Andre but also her family and close friends whom she now only sees maybe once a year, if that.

I was beyond honour to capture some memories for her and her family, but also honoured to photograph her and Andre. Andre had never travelled to Canada before, and does not speak any English. It was a fun challenge trying to give cues when he couldn't understand what I was saying. What made this session so easy and flow so well was incorporating dance into it. Mariana and Andre have a passion for dancing and both are dance instructors. I had them dance at sunset, with music, from a festival, blaring from across the river. Perfeito!!

Sarah and Amanbir - Lifestyle Session - Ottawa Area Photographer

Sarah and Amanbir were the winners of my Facebook contest I had back in February.

Sarah asked if we could shoot their session at her parents' equine boarding facility, Heather Haven Farm. I absolutely love horses, like LOVE 'em, so obviously I was positively delighted with the idea.

Started the session getting to know Sarah and Amanbir, while her mom and some friends prepped two of the horses for Sarah and Amanbir to ride. Both a little uneasy with the thought of riding a horse, but they did amazing and I need to give special props to Amanbir who has never ridden a horse before in his life and is a tad uncomfortable with the large beauties and prefers to admire them from afar.

We finished the session with some barn chores and then snapped a few more of the beautiful couple as the sun set.

It just so happened that Sarah and Amanbir were engaged without a wedding photographer at the time of winning their session. Lucky me, I actually photographed their wedding this past weekend out in Toronto! Keep an eye out in the next few months for their amazing Sikh wedding that took place this past Saturday!