Daisy Turns Two! - Family Lifestyle Session - Ottawa Based Photographer

Daisy turned two in September! We had an amazing family lifestyle session starting with making pudding with daddy and then heading outside to harvest some of the vegetable from their family garden, two of her favourite things. Then we got ready to head to the park where Danielle and Dan used to frequent while they were engaged pre Daisy. Feeding the ducks and birds, blowing bubbles and playing in the fountain, what more could a girl ask for!

I've been watching and documenting Daisy since she was 2 months old and I just absolutely adore this beautiful, smart, little girl as well as her Mom and Dad! Such a wonderful family, can't wait to hang out again!

Sarah and Amanbir - Lifestyle Session - Ottawa Area Photographer

Sarah and Amanbir were the winners of my Facebook contest I had back in February.

Sarah asked if we could shoot their session at her parents' equine boarding facility, Heather Haven Farm. I absolutely love horses, like LOVE 'em, so obviously I was positively delighted with the idea.

Started the session getting to know Sarah and Amanbir, while her mom and some friends prepped two of the horses for Sarah and Amanbir to ride. Both a little uneasy with the thought of riding a horse, but they did amazing and I need to give special props to Amanbir who has never ridden a horse before in his life and is a tad uncomfortable with the large beauties and prefers to admire them from afar.

We finished the session with some barn chores and then snapped a few more of the beautiful couple as the sun set.

It just so happened that Sarah and Amanbir were engaged without a wedding photographer at the time of winning their session. Lucky me, I actually photographed their wedding this past weekend out in Toronto! Keep an eye out in the next few months for their amazing Sikh wedding that took place this past Saturday!


Ziya - Newborn In Home Session - Ottawa Lifestyle Photographer

You probably recognize Leily and Chris from an in home maternity session I had only a month or so ago. I had the pleasure of meeting their beautiful Ziya, who was eight days new. He was seriously perfect and he practically slept the entire session as happy as can be, all snug in his mom and dad's arms. Please enjoy all the fresh cuteness.


The Buwalda's - Family Session - Ottawa Based Photographer

Shabana is a wonderful friend and amazing photographer. We did a little tradesies this past fall where I shot her beautiful family in exchange for her to photograph mine. We both confessed we were nervous but in the end we both did a phenomenal job! This family is a ray of sunshine after a cloudy day, the love is just shining as bright as can be.


Leily and Chris - At Home Maternity Session - Ottawa Based Photographer

Leily and Chris' session was originally planned for outside. We were going to cruise around in the Ottawa market and capture some memories. But the day of the session arrived and it was chilly. Like, bright red nose, chilly, like tighten your body as much as you can, chilly. Our back up was to do an at home session. I am going to be completely honest now and say I was a bit nervous. I have done so many at home sessions before, but never a maternity session. Children and/or babies are always involved which make for continuous moments to capture.  But I had never done a couple in their home on their own. The moment I was greeted at the door by these two, I knew I had absolutely nothing to worry about. Relaxed, easy going and so so friendly and warm. The ingredients for this perfect at home maternity session were as follows: 90's play list from Spotify,  a friendly yet competitive game of Uno, some hot tea, guitar serenading and a whole lot of love.