Yoga Attic - Greely - Ottawa Based Photographer

Last October I had the absolute pleasure of meeting this beautiful woman. Tina is strong and brave and boasting with positive energy. The second I met her I felt her warm inviting energy. 

This month Tina has realized her dream. She put her heart and soul into building a yoga studio with her equality wonderful husband, Guillaume, on their stunning two acre property in Greely. Not only is she offering yoga classes, but also a place to relax and escape. A place for self reflection but also to engage in meaningful interactions. I am so excited for her. 

I had the opportunity to document one of the unique classes that she offers "Yoga and Brunch". Yoga and Brunch is a one hour practice followed by a yummy meal where you can connect with others. Now, if you're a bit of an introvert like myself, they also offer a four week program called the "Soul Searcher" where you literally don't have to talk for 2 hours. Each class includes a one hour practice followed by a light snack and quiet time. She literally has something for everyone. But please don't take my word for it, head on over to were you will see all that she offers as well as cruise through all the photos on her website taken by yours truly;)