Regarding Ruby - A 365 Day Photography Project

For those you who don't already know, my family grew in November and we welcomed our second daughter, Ruby Rose. 

I am presently taking a break from booking sessions to spend extra quality time with my daughters.

I WILL be booking newborn sessions starting in January and will be back booking family sessions starting in May 2018. Weddings, I will start back in September 2018. If you'd like a family session in May please do contact me at least 2 month before as May is as ridiculously busy as October and those months fill up FAST!

IN THE MEAN TIME... I have started a 365 Day Project with our Daughter Ruby were you can watch her grow as I take one photo a day of her. I did this for our daughter Piper as well and it helped me make sure I continued to pick up my camera, which then helped me continue to develop my skill while I was not working and  also, Piper can now look back and know who she was and what we did every single day of her first year. Pretty amazing!

Please follow along here or on my facebook page as I will be posting a photo a day...

At times there's a story to go along with the photo, so please check out my facebook page if you'd like more commentary.

Hope you will enjoy getting to know our little Miss Ruby Rose.